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Alicia's own thoughts as irrelavant as they may be.... Anne's will be short to the point (Summaries) and analytical but mine will be a be more of a story (and probably funnier too, since she never forgets anything...-Anne) Tons more are coming, although the summaries will probably be up sooner since they have relevance beyond mere amusement and tiny details. :)

In Washington:  
Annette Lake 07/21/2000
Castle Rock 12/2002
Chiwaukum 06-07/1998, 06-07/2003
Manastash 09/1997, 05/1998, 05/1999
Mt. Si 09/12/1999
Pete Lake 07/2002
Rialto to Ozette 07/1999
Umtanum 04/1999
In Oregon:
Proxy Falls/Linton Lake 05/2006
Spencers Butte 2002-2005